Too Many Twats Make A Tweet

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Life
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"What do you mean you don't follow @ComedyQueen?"

"What do you mean you don't follow @ComedyQueen?"


He’s been and gone and done it.

But in some considerable style.

“Too many twits might make a twat”

I’d give my right arm for a one-liner like that.

David Cameron has single-handedly shown the Conservative Party’s ignorance of the Zeitgeist.

He’s sooo not down with the kids,man.

Now,some people may argue that it doesn’t matter,that Twitter is just something “the kids” do,like taking drugs and knifing each other.And,granted,the kinds of people who would vote Tory have probably never even heard of computers let alone Twitter.

But it’s clear that any chance Cameron had of engaging with the youth of Britain (the ones old enough to vote,specifically) has just gone out the window.Because if there’s one thing that Twitter users hate more than anything else,even more than when they can’t see their friend’s replies to people they don’t follow (get over it) is when their favourite pastime is criticised as being something pointless or stupid.

"I strongly urge all Party members to follow @sabbathdei...his blog rules"

"I strongly urge all Party members to follow @sabbathdei...his blog rules"

Let’s change the Twitter habit of a lifetime and get things in perspective.David Cameron didn’t call Twitter users twats-even though that’s what everybody is reporting.What he actually meant was someone in his position has to be careful what he says.One single wrong word in a tweet could end his career.

At least,I hope that’s what he meant…otherwise he truly is shafted.

I can’t bring myself to totally care,due to the fact that I never have,and certainly never will,vote Conservative.I’m Welsh,and that is just not done in Wales…except in the last Euro Elections,but we’ll gloss over that.

Either way,we will never experience the joy of reading Cameron’s tweets…never will we learn of the Tory leader’s recommendations for #followfriday…

To the Twitterverse I shall only say this…calm down.It’s only David Cameron,he’s not really worth making a fuss of.

But it’s still a killer line…pure genius.

“Too many twits might make a twat”

Remember that when you’re poised over your keyboard.

Next time–DEFINITELY The History Of Cup-A-Soup…unless Gordon Brown slags off Youtube….

  1. AHHH YAY my names on that my names there WEEE!!!

  2. finch says:

    haha I was just watching the news about that. I find it more than a bit ironic that he was talking about having to be careful about what he says in the same breath as saying the word ‘twat’ on the radio which he then has to apologise for.

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