GaGa Ooh La La!

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Lady GaGa



Neither fish nor fowl?

Half rice,half chips? doesn’t really matter what position she assumes when faced with a WC,I reckon she’s fantastic.

I’m an old git…but I just can’t get enough of Bad Romance.

Sadly not everyone would agree with me…here’s Telegraph “journalist” Lucy Jones this week talking bollocks in every paragraph of her article-

*****”It was inevitable that Lady Gaga would eventually grace the Sunday ratings-chasing appendage of The X Factor. She of the peroxide hair and exploding bra is the show’s Goddess. They are supine before her success and her synths. Last night, Dannii Minogue actually bowed down before her and even Simon Cowell looked sweatily sated.

For viewers at home though, it was a moment of clarity. Lady Gaga is superbly overrated. I don’t believe anyone could have watched her performance and not thought (a) I am watching cod-Dana International performing Eurovision pop in a dancing bar with a sticky floor or (b) these routines could have been choreographed by young cousins messing around with some loo roll and their Grandmother’s fancy dress box.

What I find so flummoxing is that this woman has generated so much hype. Her songs are tedious, her performances naff, her lyrics are stupid. Please can someone explain the attraction? Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t have the keys to Gaga’s oubliette – waiting to be let in, with only NME, which voted her most over-hyped act ever, for company.

What put this into stark relief for me was a Yeah Yeah Yeahs gig I went to last week. There you have – in lead singer Karen O – a mesmerising rock star. She put Gaga to shame with her opening outfit: a low-wattage light bulb poised on her head supported by a dog’s white protective cone – the kind they wear when they have fleas – and elongated arms underneath a shamanic cloak. From that, she moved onto a cerise gimp mask, a skin-tight playsuit emblazoned with prawns and a multi-coloured Indian headdress. Five enormous inflatable eyeballs stuck to the back of the stage were released into the ecstatic audience. It was a joy.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs finally entered the mainstream this year with the albumIt’s Blitz, so I think I’m entitled to compare the two but, frankly, there is no contest. Karen O’s performance turns life on its head; Lady Gaga’s reliance on her breasts and costumes induces nausea. Gaga is a Cheese String to Karen O’s Epoisses.

And any pop star whose fame depends on whether or not she is a hermaphrodite is clearly scrimping on substance. Rumours like this have made her a tabloid dream, and even the Sunday Times Magazine chose her for their cover story yesterday. The fact that she attracts highbrow attention may be due to her background as a “classically trained musician” and a “writer” – as if that makes it all OK.

Here’s a quote from the Times interview with Lynne Barber where Gaga talks predictable poppycock about her latest live show:

“My evolution is from the beginning of time, so I start as a cell, and then I become a vertebrate, and then I become a full animal, and there’s the birth of the economy, and trade and war, and then it’s the Apocalypse.”

I imagine Gaga’s musical apocalypse won’t come any time soon: people love to be saturated in pop goo. But how I wish it would.”*****

Lucy….baby…sweetie….I’m sorry your boyfriend left you for another woman,but please don’t take out your suffering on us poor readers….leave it at home,it’s for the best,otherwise you’ll end up embarrassing yourself.

Oh you already have…never mind.

And since when did anyone on The Telegraph even know what pop music IS? I thought Telegraph journos still believed Maggie Thatcher was PM.

Is this an attempt by the Torygraph to “get down with the kids?”

Quite apart from the fact that Our Lucy is as jealous as feck of anyone successful and innovative,her article is also very badly written and not even regurgitating words you once saw in a dictionary like “flummoxing” and “oubliette” can really help her.

Actually,I could write articles like this…I could be a Telegraph journalist,if that’s all it takes.

Hopefully Lucy will have a look at my blog and recommend me to the Telegraph bosses….or at the very least,learn something.

Click the link to see the original article and the comments…they absolutely roast her 🙂

  1. RodrigO says:

    Woman ! And Bissexual =*

  2. francesca says:

    lady gaga est super coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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  4. nekoo says:

    i love lady gaga she is girls i love love love love lady gaga

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