Happy St.David’s Day!!!

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Life, Uncategorized
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Well it’s St.David’s Day once again….Dydd Gwyl Dewi as we say round these parts.

Children all over Wales will be donning their traditional Welsh costumes,or in some cases a Welsh rugby shirt-see below for the proper thing-

When I was a nipper,there was a competition on the day for the best leek…


In the 70s,it was acceptable,one day a year,to go to school with a f***ing vegetable on your chest.

All the boys wore a real leek pinned to their very 70s jumpers and tank-tops (in my case—I totally rocked the knitted-by-my-mum tank-top look back in the day.)

Sadly,the judging took place towards the end of the day,by which time the rough kids had started knibbling on their veg.This was okay if they stuck to the green bits,but some brave souls moved on to the bulbous white bit at the bottom-which is in no way shape or form edible.

I never won.

I obtained my produce from an old chap up the road from my house…I ALWAYS managed to end up with a crappy,weedy looking one.

Mind you,I did look rather weedy in those days so perhaps the old adage “every boy gets the leek he deserves” is true,because some boys had absolutely massive buggers,making them almost bent double with the weight of their vegetables.

Mine was never big enough…

Size MATTERED in the 1970s….

You had to have a big leek to impress the girls….and you had to make sure your bulbous bit was clean and the straggly bits at the bottom neatly combed.

That must be where I’ve been going wrong all these years…



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