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Space is big.

I mean really big.

Bigger than the biggest thing ever.

You might think it’s a long way down the street to the off-licence,but that’s just peanuts to space.

So wrote Sir Douglas Adams,and he knew a thing or two…..he wrote a hitch-hiker’s guide to the galaxy.

And space is fantastic,full of unbelievable,mind-blowing stuff.

AND…space is IMPORTANT-when all the Pot Noodles run out,we may have to go and live there…so obviously it would be a good idea to know a bit more about it before we pack our suitcases.

But…the amazing nebulae and black holes and weird sort of swirly bits are all a very long way away….

….so you need a big,fantastic,important telescope to look at it.

Well there is one…in Swansea….but maybe not for much longer.Run by volunteers,the Observatory is in danger of closing because the local council are reducing the funding they receive,so they can’t keep it open for much longer.It’s the largest telescope in Wales.

Even if,as you read this,you are nowhere near Swansea,or have no interest in astronomy,I appeal to the insatiable thirst for knowledge in each of you,the desire to touch the unknown.

A petition has been set up to save it-the link is below.500 signatures are needed by 23rd December–the total currently stands at 344.It’s completely free and only takes a minute of your time,and you will help save an important building for the next generation.

Petition –

Join the Mission Swansea-Save Swansea Observatory group on Facebook-