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For Shannabarnarna


The title of this bloggette says it all-I chuffing HATE David Tennant.

I have never watched one of his episodes more than once….once is enough.Some I haven’t seen at all…and I’m supposed to be a Doctor Who fan.

But what I mean by this is—I don’t like him as Doctor Who.

I don’t hate him as a person…he may be a thoroughly nice bloke,or he may be a secret axe-murderer…I don’t know,and I don’t care.

But he most definitely IS a rubbish Doctor…and just like my boss,The Blog Dog,I will not be questioned…my knowledge of Doctor Who is total and absolute.

The thing is,I know what I’m talking about.

Some of his episodes are almost childishly bad,but maybe it’s not entirely his fault..after all,it’s Russell T.Davies who is,or at least was,in charge of everything.He has even admitted that he would completely rewrite scripts…this is not good.And if there is one thing that Doctor Who attracts more than anything else…it’s Egos.

Big ones.

Tom Baker reckoned he pretty much owned the show during his later years,and got his way perhaps once too often because everyone wanted a quiet life.On the whole though,he was justified….because Tom was chuffing awesome.

Russell T.Davies is NOT awesome although his ego is just as huge…some of his stories have embarrassed my son,and he’s in the target audience of Doctor Who.For example-

“Journey’s End”….the last episode of Tennant’s third season….lame,lame,lame.It makes me cringe.His lowest point…and he’s had his fair share of them.

A typical 45-minute Tennant episode consists of the following-

5 minutes of action/plot

40 minutes of over-acting/snogging

This is supposed to be Doctor Who—NOT Hollyoaks.

I suppose it is dumbed-down Doctor Who for a dumbed-down generation.

The next one will probably be just as bad…he looks different to Tennant but also exactly the same.The BBC obviously don’t want to mess with a very lucrative formula.

They don’t want to scare the kids who wouldn’t be able to cope with a good actor and intelligent scripts,so we’re stuck with a bloke who looks like an art-school reject.Things can only get worse.

So…why do I hate Tennant?

Well…I’ve seen every surviving episode of Doctor Who,so I am in good position to make an objective judgement.

Tom Baker is God….simples!

And here’s another reason why I hate him—

Because I can!

OK that’s my rant over.Feel free to hate me in a comment-based way.